Add some cool on-scroll animation to you pages! Animation effects are easy to apply, change or remove directly from Visual Composer. They can be added to almost all layout elements: images & banners, text blocks, benefits, logos etc. Please read our online manual, take a look at admin screenshots or use dummy content to have better idea how to use animation effects.

6 different transitions

Row or column animation


Shortcode animation


Shortcodes with animation setting

  • Banners

  • Teasers

  • Logos grid

  • Benefits

  • Call to action area

  • Fancy media & Single image

  • Text

  • Pull quotes and block quotes [text shortcode]

  • Buttons – visual &  [text] shortcode

  • Social icons [text shortcode]

Most of these and all other shortcodes can also be animated through row and column animation settings.