Tech360 offers a variety of audio and video products that will provide you the best experience while using the latest technology of this industry.

Electrical equipments

We offer the best quality solutions for every grid that you must install on your premises.

Control of energy and lighting optimization

Our products will ensure you reduction of energy costs. Now you can save and control the lighting and any electrical equipment in your residence.

House automation

Now you can have a home that will think for you. Through automation system you can check your home and its equipments.

Network connection

Through the latest technology, now you can connect all the home devices (HDTV, media servers, WI-FI, Internet, etc.) to a single network. Thus you will have control in everything optimizing their functions.


Safety in your home is the most important thing. Now you can choose among of our product that suits you more to maximize home security.

Energy measurement

Through our solutions, you can have a careful measurement and verification of energy consumption in business. Monitor and control it whenever you want.